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Jun 8, 2015
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Since 1996, the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is the theater of the armed conflicts involving several rebel groups. These conflicts are invariably accompanying by killings, acts of torture, displacement, famine, and generally massive violations of human rights.

It should be noted that the situation of repeated rebellions in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo has been and continue to pay a heavy tribute to the mountain gorillas endangered ape. It is now established that the looting of natural resources (cassiterite,coltan, wolframite, gold) in which this province is the victim are the main cause of these recurrent armed conflicts.

These constitute a serious impediment to the reconstruction of the DRC, and a threat to the stability of the Great Lakes Region. Several attempts to resolve these conflicts took place.
As an illustration: The Agreement signed in Nairobi by the DRC and Rwanda on 9 November 2007, the Agreement signed on 23 May after the"Conference" Amani ".  The latest is the framework agreement signed on 24 February 2013 in Addis Ababa signed by the UN and several African heads of state is current.

All the previous initiatives have been swept away by the dynamics of war. The search for peace appears as a prelude to renewed fighting. It suggests that building a sustainable peace is a monumental challenge ahead.

Congo Solidario intends to contribute to the building of peace in Eastern DRC in organizing the Forum on Peace in the eastern DRC and, during the observation of the International Day of Peace.
The main objective of this forum is to reflect on the strategic and concerted actions to be taken in order to build peace in eastern DRC, through the promotion and respect of individual, collective rights and needs of peoples.

The forum will be organized on around two specific objectives:

1. Identify the key factors of conflict in the Eastern D.R .Congo
2. Advance thinking on peace among intellectuals of Congolese Diaspora in Canada in general and Toronto in particular.

Organized by the Congo Solidario, in partnership with the Children’s Peace Theatre ,George Brown College and Peace 21, the event will take place on September 21, 2013, which is the international Day of Peace.Some experts in the fields of humanitarian and human rights are invited. The audience will consist of students, members of the comunities.

The activities of the Forum will take place in two workshops as follows :

1.Ethnic conflicts and peace challenge in DRC

2.Canada's contribution to the peace maintenance of DRC

For  question or suggestion, please contact : Kasong0 Kalenga, Ph.D at

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