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Jun 8, 2015
Apr 10, 2015

We help children by providing, nourishing, training, feeding and growing :

2.1 Provide:

The gift of education is everything to a child that does not have anything.  We help supply books and resources to a classroom and have a lasting impact on underprivileged girls and boys. We believe that when you give children an education they can reach their full potential and live their dreams.
=======School Supplies: $20.00- Gift#1=============

2.2 Nourishing:

One of the greatest influences on the life of a child is proper nutrition. Without regular meals, a child is hungry, susceptible to disease and unable to grow or thrive. Our organization will give a hungry child healthy meals and help them reach their full physical and mental potential.
====nourish a child in DR Congo: $30.00- Gift #2==========

2.3 Training:

In Democratic Republic of Congo, many children don't go to school because there are no teachers. We help train teachers with necessary knowledge and skills to reach out to hundreds of others, adults as well as children. A great way to open  doors of opportunity for a community living in poverty.
==========Teaching Training: $50.00- Gift#3===========

2.4 Feeding:

More than a millions of Congolese children live below the poverty line. Boys and girls who go to school without a proper breakfast are unable to concentrate on their lessons and fall behind. Our organization will be supporting some breakfast programs and give children a healthy start to their day and hope for a success full future. ======Provide School Breakfasts: $50.00- Gift #4==========

2.5 Growing  :

Give hungry children and families the opportunity to participate in some agricultural training programs. With the cooperation with other organizations, we will provide some agricultural pack with items such as hardy seeds for more drought resistant crops, farming tools, fruits trees and more. We believe that this is a terrific way to help hungry families grow food and become self-reliant.
================Agricultural pack: $100.00- Gift #4==========================

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